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Shardul Tiffin Services

Genral Info.

Shardul Tiffin Services is one of the best tiffin service provider in Rishikesh. It is an offline tiffin services provider that offers quality, healthy and tasty vegetarian foods or meals for students, homes and offices in the yoga city Rishikesh. With an unspoiled merge of superior nutrition, north Indian foods and food services. We offer wellness meals and quality meals that are in harmony with the customer’s preference. We do not gather clientele we look frontward for attach clients who are welcome to inform us about your understanding of foods; we are the only tiffin service provider in Rishikesh, who provide our customers an audition for as little as a solitary order. Our tiffin services menu include of Roti, Rice, Tawa Roti, Dal, Curry, Mix Vegetables, Bread, Butter, Tasty Vegetables, Salad etc. It is located at Bharat Vihar, Shiva Enclave, Rishikesh.

Our Tiffin Services

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Contact To At Reception
Mobile No. +918650204036, +918650204035
Address Bharat Vihar, Shiva Enclave, Near Guru Ram Rai School
Working Hrs 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM, Mon - Sat
Category Tiffin Service, Shardul Tiffin Services

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