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Sivananda Charitable Hospital

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Sivananda Charitable Hospital, Rishikesh is not only an institution but a magnificent upward association, a soul purifying Karma Yoga Yajna, a saga of selfless service.

In 4th November 1953, Ratan X-ray clinic was opened through the contributions of Justice Acharu Ram. It was the first X-ray clinic in the district. Swami had established a Divine Life Society Branch in village Dadh near Kangra. Maj. Gen. Sharma, who had planned to start Sivananda Medical Organization to spread medical relief in rural areas throughout the country, started Sivananda Charitable Dispensary in Dadh and made available medical treatment to 30 neighboring villages. Col. Shankla started a mobile dispensary to serve the rural people.

Sivananda Charitable Hospital has a 30 bed wards, operation theatre, X-ray unit, pharmacy, gynecological services, laboratory and outpatient & in-patient care by three superior doctors along with other presence physicians. Over 500 plus patients are treated on average every day. Each week the rural wing of the Sivananda Hospital visits a village high in the hills to cause to be medical aid. In addition, every Friday an eye professional attends outpatients and performs surgery and an eye camp has also been organized during which a number of cascade surgeries were done. As with all of the charitable services rendered by Sivananda Hospital / Ashram, the patient care, health care, medicines and medical treatment are all provides free.

Contact To At Reception
Phone No. +91135-2430040, +91135-2431190
Address The Divine Life Society, Shivanandanagar
Email Id generalsecretary@sivanandaonline.org
Website www.sivanandaonline.org
Working Hrs 10:00 AM - 04:30 PM, Mon - Sun
Category Hospitals and Nursing Homes, Sivananda Charitable Hospital

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