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Shed Institute of Paramedical Sciences and Hospital

Genral Info.

Shed Institute of Paramedical Sciences and Hospital is located in the foothills of the inferior Shivalik at Dehradun Rishikesh Road, Uttarakhand. Shed Hospital is a 30 bed multi specialty hospital in Doiwala Town, founded in the year 1996. Since then it is giving its devoted health services to the society, poor and exploited. The hospital offer diploma courses for First Aid and Practical Nursing, Dental Technician, X-ray Technician, Panchakarma, Echocardiography and Technology, Dialysis Technology and OT Technician in a very reasonable fee which could be easily afforded by the poor and rural part of the society.

Shed Institute boasts of in-house hostel accommodation to the students within the campus. Hostel is compulsory for the girls. If looking for admission to the hostel, the agreed form may be obtained from the office. The presence of parents is a must at the time of admittance.

Shed Institute of Paramedical Sciences and Hospital Doiwala, has been certified by the BSS in impart vocational training as well as practical training for the following courses:

BSS Diploma in Dialysis
BSS Diploma in OT Technician
BSS Diploma in X-Ray Technician
BSS Diploma in Dental Technician
BSS Diploma in Echocardiography
BSS Diploma in First Aid and Practical Nursing
BSS Diploma in Panchakarma, Ayurveda Nursing and Yoga

Contact To At Reception
Mobile No. +919410558426
Phone No. +91135-2691162
Address 69, Doiwala, Rishikesh Road
Email Id contact@shedinstitute.in
Website www.shedinstitute.in
Working Hrs 24*7
Category Hospitals and Nursing Homes, Shed Institute of Paramedical Sciences and Hospital

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