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SPS Government Hospital

Genral Info.

SPS Government Hospital Rishikesh focuses on that “no needy patient should ever die due to lack of safe and quality blood in Rishikesh and its surrounding areas.” Please join us to maintain a safe and stable blood supply. “Give Blood, Save a Life “

One out of every three will need blood in our life time.

There is no substitute for Blood.very two seconds, someone needs blood.

350 ml of blood can save three lives.

While you’re reading this, someone in India needs blood.  Someone has to donate blood for someone to receive blood.

Only 4% of the eligible population donates blood.

The need for blood increases by 5% every year.

75% donors donate only once a year.  If they donated twice a year, there will never be any shortage of blood.

SPS Government Hospital is located at Virbhadra Road, near Kotwali.

Contact To At Reception
Mobile No. +919412403065
Phone No. +91135-2434096 / 2430096 / 2439931
Address Kotwali Police Station, Virbhadra Road
Email Id spsrishikesh@gmail.com
Working Hrs 24*7
Category BLood Bank, SPS Government Hospital

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