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Meenakshi Beauty Parlour

Genral Info.

Meenakshi Beauty Parlour service as Ladies Beauty Parlour, Bridal Makeup Artist, Mehandi  Artists, Beauty Parlour Classes, Homeopathic Facial, Bleaching Centers, Facial centers, Manicure centers, Pedicure centers, Hair Treatment, Skin Treatment, haircuts centers, waxing centers, body spas, natural facials, Skin Purifying Treatments, Hair Spa, Hair Curls, Pre-Bridal and Bridal makeup centers, Bangles, Lipstick, Body Lotions Rishikesh.

It provides all the treatments and facilities by its experienced employees who are highly trained in their
respective fields in order to provide its clients an experience to enjoy and remember. Meenakshi Beauty Parlour also provides Discount Facility on Special Occasions with different offers on Packages.

Contact To At Recaption
Mobile No. +919557992900
Address Railway Road
Working Hrs 10:00 am - 08:00 pm, Mon - Sun
Category Meenakshi Beauty Parlour

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