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Selection Bakers and Confectioners

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Selection Bakers and Confectioners is one of the best bakery and confectionery shop in Rishikesh. It is located at Sheel Sadan, Railway Road, Rishikesh and Uttarakhand. We have about our centralized kitchen which is licensed and has state of the art bakery and confectionery equipment’s with high class hygiene standards. We have in our shop a cold storage’s to preserve right temperatures. Our aim is quality of our products; we have skilled employees and latest equipment’s to maintain our quality standard. We use high quality raw material and our team uses the materials only after approved by the in shop quality team. Our Bakery Shop is one the cheapest bakery products provider in the Rishikesh, the cakes and the Pastries here are graciously priced and trust, you will never mind to use a bit more at the place like this.

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Contact To Mr. Vivek Goel
Mobile No. +919897599911
Phone No. +91135-2435043
Address Sheel Sadan, Railway Road
Email Id goelvivek22@yahoo.co.in
Working Hrs 08:30 AM - 11:00 PM, Mon - Sun
Category Bakers and Confectioners, Selection Bakers and Confectioners

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