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Gopal Sweets & Confectionery

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Gopal Sweets & Confectionery deals in Bakeries, Sweet Shops, Bakers & Confectioners, Confectionery Retailers etc. Gopal Sweets & Confectionery is one of the Best Manufacturer and Retailer of all Bakery items by using Amul Products in Rishikesh. All the Products in Gopal Sweets & Confectionery are made up of Amul products such as Rusk, Ghee, Cheese, Butter, Biscuits, Cream, Cakes, Pastries and all other Bakery Items. For the past years, we have maintained standard of quality and service and has been introducing new items regularly to cater to the ever changing tastes of its customers. Our confectionery market includes sugar confectionery, candies, toffees and other sugar-based candies.

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Phone No. +91135-2432055
Address Mukherje Marg, Ghat Road,
Working Hrs 09:00 am - 09:00 pm, Mon - Sun
Category Gopal Sweets & Confectionery, Bakers

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